Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I hope you and your family have had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying the New Year!
We've had a lot of fun this past month with Christmas parties, fundraisers and graduations!

Christmas Party!
All the Denton campus's (NCTC, UNT, and TWU) had A Very Denton Christmas Party. That was our theme for the party. So the students dressed up as Denton people do best. We served Denton's favorite foods and each of the Core groups (student led bible study groups) put together skits for everyone to watch and enjoy. 
Merry Denton Christmas!
Kelly gave us a great sermon!
Denton Staff at the Christmas Party
One of our UNT guys Core groups. They put together a fun and entertaining performance for all of us. 

One of our UNT girl Core groups. They as well did an awesome job in their performance! 

Go NCTC Lions!
Some of the NCTC crew at our Christmas Party! 
Pre-K Christmas Play
Before the internship I helped teach Pre-K and Rec at a daycare in Denton. I stopped by to visited the kids and teachers this past month. I also got to watch the Pre-K do their Christmas play. It was wonderful seeing the kids and my old co-workers!
Intern Sermons
All of us Interns did a sermon for our New Testament class. We had to preach on "What the Gospel means to me." It was great to hear from the fellow interns and how God has impacted their lives. I feel closer with them through this experience. It was helpful practice and great to receive advice and feedback from such admirable people.

Keep FOCUS Growing and Going Initiative 
Thank you for your donations and prayers for this fundraiser, it was worth it! Here are a couple students who say thank you for your support and why being a part of this ministry is worth is for them. 
David (UNT); "It's worth is because I was lost, but now I'm found!"
Kennedy (UNT); "It's worth is because, it's an amazing opportunity to form relationships with other people who are chasing after Jesus."
Prayers for January
Staff Retreat: This weekend all of the FOCUS staff is headed to a couple cabins here in Texas for a few days. We go on a retreat at the beginning of each semester and take time to plan and fellowship together. Pray that we will be recharged by the Spirit and ready to go back to our campus to do our best for Him. Pray that we will grow in unity as we fellowship together. 
Winter Camp: In a couple weeks we have our yearly 3 day winter camp! At this event we have all 8 of our campuses come together for fellowship and a sermon series. Be praying that the Spirit impacts our community as we fellowship and learn together. 
Monthly TestimonyEach week we have a student or alumni share their testimony on our website and we also have prayer requests for our ministry in general. Click this link and check it out!


  1. Hey Aaron!

    Thanks for sharing all these fun pictures of the Christmas party. It was so special to be able to celebrate Christmas surrounded by a huge group of people who love Jesus and each other. The students had fun, grew in their friendships, and worshiped God. And did I mention the decorations were fantastic?? ;)

    Love you Aaron!


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