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Camps, Fairs, and Halloween

Fall Camp

One of the events that we do every October is Fall Camp. We spend a weekend early in the semester devoted to God and one another. We have a speaker give a sermon, times of worship, and spend lots of time playing games and activities together. Fall Camp is often the event that brings people together and reflects what our community will be like for that school year. We have an incredibly fun, encouraging, thankful, and diverse community this year! At my first fall camp in 2010, I remember one of our speakers, Brianna Worsham, talking about befriending people. She said something to the effect of, "We want to be a community that goes out of their way to befriend other people. We should do anything we can to let other people know that we love them and that we want to be their friends." It's a simple idea, but she talked about it with such sincerity, and I knew that that was something I wanted to be a part of. I saw the same goal reflected at our Fall Camp this year.…

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