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Welcome Back!

The school year has begun! We moved UNT Freshman in, fed 200 people burgers and hotdogs at NCTC and had our first Friday Night Fellowship, plus much more!

At NCTC this past week I met a student there who told me he had the choice to go to UNT or NCTC. He said he chose NCTC over UNT. I asked him why, my though was probably to save money. He told me ever since he started coming to NCTC last semester he has been talked to by so many students and he said the campus feels like a community. This was such an encouragement to hear! When we started reaching out to the NCTC Campus three summers ago, students did not want to hang out or participate in events on campus. They wanted to go to class, finish at NCTC and transfer to a university. Each year this dynamic changes more and more as we continue to be persistent in meeting students, hanging out with them, and building a community there. The Spirit really is working on this campus! I think there are big things in store for NCTC.

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