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Winter Camp 2019

Winter Camp 2019!

A couple weeks ago we got back from Winter Camp! Our ministry gathers for a weekend of worship and fellowship at the beginning of the semester. Winter Camp is special because all of the FOCUS campus communities in the DFW area come together for the weekend. Dr. John Stackhouse was our guest speaker and he talked about being a Christian in today's culture. Something that Stackhouse said that stuck with me is that we get to bring in the Kingdom of God. A lot of his talks reminded me of the simplicity that is within being a Christian; a good simplicity that looks like doing your best to love the people around you, being an encouragement to others, and willing to pray for people. I can easily get into thinking I need to preform certain Christian duties and focus on those more than trying to do my best to look like Jesus to those around me. In what ways do you need to better reflect the characteristics of Jesus in your day in and day out routine?

We painted two gates …

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