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Summer Fellowship

Summer FOCUS
During the summer all 9 of our campuses come together for a weekly fellowship. During the school year we have campus specific meetings, but since so many students are back home for the summer this allows all the campuses to meet together. This summer we are talking about deepening our relationship with God. We've talked about praying in the Spirit, growing in wisdom, understanding the depth of the Father's love for us and more. Our Collin College pastor Garrett Davis talked about praying in the Spirit and something he said that really stuck with me was, "Why do we so badly want an audible voice from God when He has direct access to our hearts, minds, emotions and souls". I think this is a profound thought for myself and our students. I've talked with many students who struggle to hear from God, but in many ways have limited how He will communicate to them. They expect a clear audible voice, but miss him speaking to them through their thoughts and emo…

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