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Last Blog Post :(

If you haven't been keeping up with my posts, this is my last month with FOCUS. I had made a three year commitment and I'm soon approaching the end. I'm excited and so sad. I have loved my time with FOCUS, so very much. My relationship with God, work ethic, friendship support, confidence and much more would have been incredibly different if I hadn't been involved and worked for FOCUS. This community will always have a role in my life in some form or fashion. Tate and I still plan to stay here in Denton and help with FOCUS and our Church however we can. We're looking forward to this change and trusting the Lord to direct and provide for us.

Of course I have to reflect a little, so here are just a few things, of so many, that I have learned over the years with FOCUS.

Consistency - At Collin college in Plano Texas, a FOCUS student, David Wright, met with me every week. We would read scripture and talk about our weeks together. As a freshman, not knowing anyone, his co…

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