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New Things!

New Things!
There are a lot of cool changes that are happening in my life right now. A lot of things that I'm very excited about and looking forward to. In June I'll be getting married and Tate and I will be moving into our house together. Next year I will be taking on a new position with FOCUS. I actually already started this position this semester. I realized that I hadn't updated you guys on this change. Matt Clark was the Director for the Denton campus. This means that he oversaw the three campuses (UNT, TWU, and NCTC), met with staff members, and led us in vision and direction. In February, Matt went on sabbatical for the rest of the semester after having lead in that position for the last 5 years. He went on sabbatical knowing that he would make the decision to continue on staff or transition into something new. In the meantime myself and Brittany Tydlachka took on his position for the rest of the semester. Matt has decided to transition off of staff so Brittany and …

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