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Transitions, Easter and Bubble Soccer

Summer Transition
I've talked with many of you personally or through email that I will be transitioning off of staff with FOCUS this summer, most likely in August. When I started with FOCUS I agreed to doing ministry with them for 3 years and now my time has come! Within the last several months there have been many conversations as to whether I would renew my commitment or go ahead and transition to something else. After lots of prayer and conversations with people I decided to go ahead and move on to something else. I came to this decision because I know that I don't feel lead to do ministry long term. Although, I would love to keep going, thinking about Tate and I starting a family some day and keeping our interior design business going we decided that now would be the best time transition out of doing ministry full-time. We still plan to stay in Denton, get jobs here and help out with our church and FOCUS. We're really excited about this next chapter! Tate is looking in…

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