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Praying for the new semester

Our staff have started back after being on a break for a few weeks. We started our first week back together on a retreat in Burnet Texas. We start each semester on a retreat together in order to build our team through spending time with each other. On our retreat we discussed the call to suffering as a Christian. This is not often the call we want as Christians, but it is the example that the one we follow has shown us. My prayer is that I can be obedient to what God is calling me to, know matter the sacrifice. In what ways are you being called to be more like Jesus through suffering?

I'm excited for this coming semester! I'm excited to see how the Lord continues to grow and mature our Denton ministry. Here are some ways you can be praying...

Winter Camp: Our yearly Winter Camp is in two weeks! Pray that all of our students would attend and that it would be a meaningful weekend that grows them spiritually. Outreach: We have been doing even more outreach this last semester and pl…

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