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We're Back!

We're Back! 
The school year has begun! The beginning of the school year is a big opportunity for us to meet lots of students. Not only are there plenty of events to meet people at, but students are actively looking for friends here at the start of the year. Let me tell ya how it went!

Helping Move In Students

During The first couple weeks of school we also host our own events at each of our campuses. 

One student I met told me, "I haven't done anything with the church in a while, but your community is really thoughtful and I've really liked my time with you guys tonight". This is a pretty simple statement but this student had talked to me and some other people about his upbringing. He said he was really quiet in High School and didn't have many friends. He said FOCUS has already provided him with so many friends. I'm praying he learns how much Jesus loves him. 
Another student told us, "I was praying for Godly friends just yesterday before I moved here…

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