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Family and Friends

Visiting Abilene
I got to visit my family for a few day this past month in Abilene. I was also able to bring my girlfriend, Tate along with me! We've been dating for close to a year now so it was exciting to show her where I grew up and have her meet more of my family. We visited the high school I graduated from and went to their football game that night with my parents. I got to spend lots of time with my parents and visited some of their friends and my grandparents. We made all the stops! The trip made me very reflective. Visiting places from your past is guaranteed to bring memories and I left the trip in awe of what God has done for me. He has taken care of me. All the good in my life is only because God is good.  Thank you for such a great weekend, Mom and Dad!

Pedro and Jon Pedro and Jon lead a Core group at NCTC.  I meet with them every week to help them in this process of learning to lead a small group and disciple people. I really enjoy meeting with them each week. The amoun…

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