Family and Friends

Visiting Abilene

I got to visit my family for a few day this past month in Abilene. I was also able to bring my girlfriend, Tate along with me! We've been dating for close to a year now so it was exciting to show her where I grew up and have her meet more of my family. We visited the high school I graduated from and went to their football game that night with my parents. I got to spend lots of time with my parents and visited some of their friends and my grandparents. We made all the stops! The trip made me very reflective. Visiting places from your past is guaranteed to bring memories and I left the trip in awe of what God has done for me. He has taken care of me. All the good in my life is only because God is good.  Thank you for such a great weekend, Mom and Dad!

Tate, me, and my parents at the Wylie football game. It was a great game, we won!!

Pedro and Jon
The giraffe in this picture makes me laugh!! 
Pedro and Jon lead a Core group at NCTC.  I meet with them every week to help them in this process of learning to lead a small group and disciple people. I really enjoy meeting with them each week. The amount they have grown already this semester is so cool to see. This is my third year to meet with Jon and he is becoming such an encouragement and friend to me. This is Pedro's first year to lead, he is hardworking, positive and energetic. He's a great person to have in a small group! It's been really neat to see Jon encourage Pedro and motivate him in his first year of leading. Be praying for them and all they do and that the Spirit would encourage and empower them.

Student Testimony

"In high school, I was the type of person that went out of my way to avoid people that I considered to be different than me. I was always looking for people that either talked the way I did or took part in the same things I liked. This led to superficial relationships and friendships. When I joined FOCUS, I really think God taught me that meeting people who were different than me - in every way - was a good thing. Through FOCUS, I have come to realize what it's like to have real relationships with people. In real relationships, you can talk to your friends about how you feel that day and not have to hide anything. When I first walked on campus at Richland, I was unsure about who I was or where I belonged. I thank God that I found a group that I feel like I actually belong to. Through FOCUS, God has been showing me that I belong wherever He has called me, and that it’s up to me to show others that they belong, too."

Joshua Erdmann

Richland College
Mechanical Engineering


Please pray for our upcoming Pizza Theology exploring the Sermon on the Mount - that students who don't know Jesus would be drawn into his wisdom and moved by his radical teaching. 

There are several hundred one-on-one bible studies going on right now across our 9 campuses! Please pray that God would work powerfully in each one of them to bring redemption, restoration and new life to those students


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