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Pizza Theology
This year our Pizza Theology was about the Sermon On The Mount. We had professor Bill Watson from Criswell College come and give the talk. He did an excellent job of conveying the Sermon On The Mount in a 4 hour class. One of the most profound yet simple thoughts he said, was to consistently ask God to help you. It's so simple and kind of a no brainer, but is often not our first response when difficulties arise. We can easily get caught up in our list of things to work on and fail to ask God to help us. God wants to help restore us and make us more like him and the best way for this to happen is for us to trust his transformative Spirit to do the work.  


"I always dreamed of being a missionary. My plan was to go to college to please my parents, graduate as quickly as possible, and then leave the country. As I got more involved in FOCUS, I began to see how purposefully the people around me shared their lives and faith. The Lord began to show me that ‘missions’ is not what happens in other countries, but in our everyday lives. Through the example of dear friends, I learned what it looks like to love like Jesus even when it is not fun or easy.  After graduation, the Lord opened doors for me to move to Bolivia as a missionary. Looking back on my time in college, I believe that the Lord prepared me through the friendships, community, and study in FOCUS far more than through my degree program. I am so thankful that the Lord, in His mercy, did not let me rush through college to please my parents, but used the ministry of FOCUS to lay a foundation for years to come."

Danyelle Graves de MorĂ³n
University of North Texas, Social Work, Graduated 2013

Keep FOCUS Growing Fundraiser
While our campus pastors raise their own support, that doesn’t provide money for evangelistic events and materials, administrative costs, or money to seize new opportunities that come up during the year. The extra investments from our annual fundraiser make sure we are poised and ready for what God is doing on campuses around the DFW area. This is the fourth year we have done an annual fundraiser, and our goal is $50,000. 

KFG Update
We have already raised about $34,000. This past Tuesday Facebook did a matching program for any non-profit fundraisers on Facebook. We raised around $34,000 that day! Thank you to you all who donated! 

Our Keep FOCUS Growing Wish List 
Here are some specific items that we are wanting to raise funds for this year. If you would like to give to KFG by giving money to one of these items follow the link bellow. 
Go here to give to our Wish List

I invite you to give this year and help us to write another chapter in Campus Ministry. You can donate here.

Pray that the students would boldly look for opportunities to be purposeful with their faith and family over the holidays. Pray for safety for the students who will be traveling. 

Please pray for our annual Keep FOCUS Growing fund that God would provide the funds to allow our ministry to keep operating and expanding as He desires.


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