Developing Student Leaders


One of the main things we do at the very beginning of the summer is take potential student leaders to the Student Institute of Campus Ministry (SICM) in Washington State. If you've been reading my blogs for while you've heard me talk about SICM. This is a leadership conference that we take our students to and is a great opportunity for them to grow in their ability to evangelize, study the Bible one-on-one with people and lead small groups. This equips them to come back to our campuses in Texas this next year and lead as student leaders. Every time I go back to SICM it's such an encouragement for me as well, getting to see the students excited and energized to spread the Gospel on our campuses is such an amazing thing to see. From our Denton campuses we brought 16 students and each of them were so grateful and thankful to be there and a blast to spend time with! I'm really looking forward to our student leaders this next year and seeing what all God does through them in order to reach out to our campuses.

Our Denton crew!

Me and two of our UNT guys, Michael and Jonathan. 

Here is the story of one our SICM students, Javiera!

"I was very hopeful for what God was going to do during my first semester in college. I did, however, have a lot of anxiety about my professors, whether or not I would build Godly friendships, and how I would find a good Christian community. In the past, I’ve struggled with making friends--I think because I feared rejection. My fears made it hard for me to actually open up and connect with others, either in a spiritual or non-spiritual way. When the Club Fair came around at Richland, I went up to the FOCUS booth and talked to Sandra, one of the campus ministers at Richland. I found what I was looking for! I have built spiritual relationships that have become a second family to me. I have made unexpected friendships through serving on the worship team at UTD and doing a one-on-one Bible study. That’s the beauty of FOCUS--they love on you and challenge you to be more like Jesus. This year, the theme was ‘'Send Me'. This has become a theme for my life because I feel the need to share the love of Christ. Thankfully, I was able to attend SICM (Student Institute of Campus Ministry) where I was trained to do just that! Top-notch teachers taught us all sorts of things about what it looks like to be a missionary to our campuses. I want to thank FOCUS for believing in me and equipping me to be a “sent-one!”

Javiera Pinochet
Richland Community College
Social Work


During the summer all 12 of our campuses get together for worship and fellowship on Thursday nights. Be praying for our students as we meet together and discuss how to follow Jesus and be in tune with what he is doing.


Just a few more weeks! I would love for any of you to come to the wedding. If you are planning to come and haven't rsvp'd yet you can do so here. Hope to see you there!


Praise God for the lives that were transformed on our campuses this year!

Pray that the summer would be physically and spiritually rejuvenating for a campus pastors and that the Lord would bless their fundraising efforts and provide what's needed to continue their missionary work.


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