Student Testimony
The last 3 years I've been building our ministry at North Central Texas College. We have a fun and lively crew there who care deeply about each other and the other students on campus. I encourage you to read this testimony from one of our NCTC students, Pita. 

"My first year at North Central Texas College, I felt insecure and ashamed that I couldn’t go straight into a four year university like my other friends. I walked the halls with a “get in and get out” mentality, and went on like this for almost a year. I believed that I was a Christian, yet lived a complacent and distant life from anyone who challenged the walls I built around myself. I put on a face that told the world I was self-sufficient and feared the day that someone would know the truth of the hollow life I led. My second year at NCTC, I was plugged into FOCUS by a friend who knew that what I needed was a strong community in order to flourish. I attended a fellowship night where I was quickly embraced by a number of people who seemed eager and genuinely interested in getting to know me. Before I knew it, I was invited into homes, movie nights, a one-on-one bible study, and countless other opportunities that tore down the walls I built. Over the next couple of years, I grew in vulnerability, friendship, joy, and fell absolutely in love with Jesus and his people. Through this ministry, I not only met the man I get to marry, but also gained strong and sweet friendships that push me to love God and people deeply and intentionally."

Pita Lerma 
General Studies/Psychology
North Central Texas College

2018 Denton Staff Team: Ryan Bristow, Ryan Reynolds, me, Shayla Trotter, Reagann Keller, Kristen Stroud, Brittany Faddis, Brittany Tydlacka. 
Our staff team just got back from our Staff Retreat this weekend. We spent the last three days in a cabin away from things to spend time with each other. We played lots of games, shared about ourselves, worshiped together and prayed for the upcoming school year. Our annual retreat is such a great way for our team to get to know each other more and to start off the year connecting and developing deep relationships. We also bring on new Apprentices at the beginning of every school year so it's an opportunity for us to get to know them more and for them to be connected and feel a part of the larger staff team.

One of the things that we did at Staff Retreat was have everyone shared three events that have really impacted their life. One of the events that I shared about was deciding to go to Collin Community College in 2010. I'm really not sure what my life would be like today if I had not decided to go to Collin 8 years ago. I specifically remember sitting at a pizza restaurant in Richardson Texas after touring several community colleges. I was sitting there with my parents as we begin to process and think through which school would be the best to go to. We all really like to Collin. I was incredibly nervous to move 3 hours away from home and attend a school where I didn't know anyone, but I also a a sense of peace about stepping out and going there. Through that decision I discovered FOCUS, matured as a young adult and disciple, along with being given plenty of opportunities to grow and be blessed with amazing friends. I can look back over the last 8 years after deciding to go to Collin and know that the Lord really took care of me. He answered my prayers for friends and community and I'm so thankful now to be continuing to work with FOCUS.
Me and two friends from Collin during my first year of school. We all met through FOCUS and were a part of the same Core group. 

Please pray for the first weeks of school on our campuses. Pray that our students would be bold as they attend events on campus, meet people in their classes, and reach out to upcoming students.

Our 12 pastoral Apprentices began their time on staff on August 1st. Please pray that they'd be able to dive right into relationships with students and their campus staff team.

Thank you for your support
Special thanks to all of my supporters. Thank you for continuing your support and for joining my support team this summer. I'm looking forward to staying in touch with you throughout the school year. If you ever have questions or thoughts about what I'm posting here don't hesitate to contact me. You can also reply and comment to my blog posts! Thank you again for your love and care of our ministry!

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  1. I also bless the day you decided to go to Collin. You've had a significant impact on lives at 3 different campuses these past 8 years, and I know your impact will continue to grow in the next. Praying for you!


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