We're Back!

We're Back! 

The school year has begun! The beginning of the school year is a big opportunity for us to meet lots of students. Not only are there plenty of events to meet people at, but students are actively looking for friends here at the start of the year. Let me tell ya how it went!

Helping Move In Students
This is some of our staff and students at Move-In last weekend. Helping students move into the dorms on campus provides us with a great opportunity to meet students and help them get involved on campus. 

One of our staff, Kristen Stroud! 

This is two staff and a student in the middle. I meet with each of them every week. Brittany on the left and Ryan on the right are two of our apprentices and Nate in the middle is one of our student leaders. 

My fellow staff member, Reagann, sneaking a picture of Tate and me

Events During Welcome Week
During The first couple weeks of school we also host our own events at each of our campuses. 
Lawn games at TWU this past week. 
Lawn Games at NCTC

One student I met told me, "I haven't done anything with the church in a while, but your community is really thoughtful and I've really liked my time with you guys tonight". This is a pretty simple statement but this student had talked to me and some other people about his upbringing. He said he was really quiet in High School and didn't have many friends. He said FOCUS has already provided him with so many friends. I'm praying he learns how much Jesus loves him. 

Another student told us, "I was praying for Godly friends just yesterday before I moved here and then you guys were here to move me in!" Praise God for working on our campuses! 

This was at our first Friday Night Fellowship last week. It was awesome! My favorite time during our weekly FNF is when we invite any of the students to share something that the Spirit is leading them to say to our community. 

University of Texas in Arlington Student Testimony 

"In high school and throughout my early college career, I was someone who would call myself a Christian but was not living my life as a follower of Christ. My life revolved around getting drunk most weekends and I would sometimes even go to church on Sundays with a hangover. There were a few moments during that time of my life that made me want to quit what I was doing, but I felt like God wouldn’t forgive me. When I transferred to UTA during my junior year, I felt lost and didn't know what I wanted in life. I just knew that I didn't want to keep living the life I had been living up to that point. During my first week at UTA, I was biking around campus and accidentally ended up at the first Thursday Night Fellowship of the year. I met so many welcoming people that night. I was invited to a core and my friend Cole asked to study the Bible with me. Before FOJ, I truly thought that there was no way I could be forgiven. But as the study progressed I learned about how much God loves us and how much grace he has for us. That's what led me to be baptized, which was the best decision I've ever made. I feel like God used FOCUS and all the people within the ministry to reconnect me with him. If it wasn't for me accidentally going to a fellowship night, I don't know what I would be doing with my life right now. Now I'm starting my first year as a student leader with FOCUS, and I'm praying that God works through me the same way he worked through my leaders last year so I can help other students who are lost like I was."

Ulises Solis 
UT Arlington

 Prayer Requests

Please be praying that our students who recently got plugged into our community would begin to develop deep friendships and learn more about Jesus.

Several of our campuses have a Fall Camp coming up this month. Pray that this Camp will be a great opportunity for college students to reshape what their college years can be like.


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