Apple Core

What's at the Core?

At our last Friday night fellowship one of our Denton staff, Ryan Bristow, lead us in something outside of what we had originally planned. He read the entire book of Philippians to us and then had us discuss it in small groups. We originally planned to end our series that pushed our community to ask deeper questions regarding their faith and beliefs. Ryan texted me previously in the week and said, "I think the Spirit wants me to read Philippians to our community instead this Friday". So that's what we did! During our discussion time, we talked a lot about relationships and loving one another to serve and love God. This change in pace and discussion was a good reminder to me of how relationships are at the core of building strong communities.

Our community has weekly small groups called Core groups that meet most evenings throughout the week. These groups are simple and involve discussing a topic and scripture, as well as sharing our lives and experiences. We call them "Cores" because they really are what hold our community together. It's then through Core that people meet up 1:1 together. If I where to say that small groups are the core of an apple, then I would say that 1:1 fellowship is the seed that produces more fruit.

I'm personally greatly thankful for our small groups. It was through Core that I built some of my strongest friendships; the type of friendships that I want everyone to experience!
A Core group I lead in 2012 as a student

Here's a testimony from one of our students on how Core groups ministered to her!

"When I take time to think about who I am now and who I was before Christ, I can honestly say I was a completely different person. I remember walking around school with a big, dark cloud over me all the time; filled with anger, bitterness, and just plain sadness. I found my fulfillment and happiness in relationships with men, which ultimately always led to lines being crossed, disappointment, and heartbreak. I distinctly remember last semester going to Core at TWU Dallas, and honestly, not wanting to be there. But there was something in me that was telling me to go. I knew I was desperate for love and saving but I didn’t know what I was looking for.

It wasn’t until the very last day of Core last spring semester that I realized how truly broken I was. I shared my testimony in front of girls in Core that I barely knew and immediately started crying. I felt a huge weight lifted off my chest right then and there and truly felt the freedom Christ promises to each and every one of us. That day, I was done living for myself and ready to surrender it all to Christ.  I am thankful that God used FOCUS and the girls within my Core to open my eyes and direct me to my heavenly father, even when I didn’t want to hear it. It was because of FOCUS and the continual encouragement of the girls around me that I realized I didn’t have to try so hard to be loved. I already had a savior who paid for all of my sins on the cross and loves me abundantly in ways that no man will ever be able to."

Veronica Rodriguez
Junior: TWU Dallas

We've been doing a lot of new and fun things to reach out to our campus and meet new people this year! Here are a few things that we've been doing. 

This blurry picture is of us playing with a 6ft tall beach ball. People walking by get so intrigued and just have to join us. It's incredibly fun and funny. 

We call this "Story Time - Tales to make you think". We sit out in the grass, tell stories that have a deeper meaning and then have people discuss what it means. 

This is called 9 square in the air. You may have played 4 square at recess as a kid, well this is the same idea, but 9 squares and its in the air. It draws lots of attention and is a fun way to bond with new people. 

Pray for our Fall Camp this coming weekend! This is such a huge opportunity for students to feel loved and connected into the community. Pray that things go smoothly and that everyone who comes is learns more about Jesus. 


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