Spring Showcase & March Update

Showcase is today!
I hope you can make it to this wonderful event! Go here for more info and tickets. Come support all of our students going to a discipleship training in the summer. 

Story Time Outreach 

We have been doing an outreach event every week called, "Story Time". During Story Time we read short stories and have them share in smaller groups what they think the moral is. This has given us an opportunity to discuss deeper topics with new people. At this event we have also been giving away free books and offering book clubs for each book. We have been giving away a wide range of Christian books on various topics. The most popular book has been "The Great Divorce" by C.S. Lewis.

TWU Pizza Outreach

A couple weeks ago at TWU we did a free pizza outreach. Its as straight forward as it sounds! Take a slice of pizza, meet a friend. It was perfect and such an easy way to meet so many students. We had perfect weather and fed/met around 150 students. We had our students leaders there getting numbers from students and following up with our communities information.  It was a lot of fun and really encouraging to meet so many students. 

Student Testimony
"Throughout my high school career I found myself in a bad place mentally and emotionally.
I had convinced myself that toxic relationships were okay, that not respecting nor loving myself was acceptable, and was convinced that my mental health no longer mattered. Going into college I had no intention of finding friends, let alone fixing the mess of a person I had become, yet that’s exactly what happened. The day I was introduced to FOCUS, I texted my mom immediately after and said, “I finally made friends.” I was and still am beyond grateful for the random strangers who were kind enough to simply notice me when I truly needed it the most. Fast forward to today, I meet with a wonderful group of ladies every Tuesday, I look forward to our big group on Thursdays, I was able to grow in faith and knowledge while studying “Focus On Jesus”, and I got to experience God in a whole new way at winter camp. FOCUS has never just been a club for me. FOCUS is my second family and my second chance. I am so grateful to God for not only loving me beyond measure, but for holding onto me when I began to slip away. His guidance has brought me the strength and happiness I never thought I would have."

Mikayla Hurtado
Collin College
Psychology major

Prayer Requests
Please pray for Spring Showcase. Pray that everything goes smoothly, but most importantly that we raise the funds to send our students to the leadership conference in Washington State this summer.

Please pray that as the semester comes to a close, our students would finish well in their Cores, one-on-one studies and classes. 


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