Transitions, Easter and Bubble Soccer

Summer Transition

I've talked with many of you personally or through email that I will be transitioning off of staff with FOCUS this summer, most likely in August. When I started with FOCUS I agreed to doing ministry with them for 3 years and now my time has come! Within the last several months there have been many conversations as to whether I would renew my commitment or go ahead and transition to something else. After lots of prayer and conversations with people I decided to go ahead and move on to something else. I came to this decision because I know that I don't feel lead to do ministry long term. Although, I would love to keep going, thinking about Tate and I starting a family some day and keeping our interior design business going we decided that now would be the best time transition out of doing ministry full-time. We still plan to stay in Denton, get jobs here and help out with our church and FOCUS. We're really excited about this next chapter! Tate is looking into getting an interior decorating job, I'm considering teaching and we plan to continue growing our business.

Over the next couple months I'll be getting in touch with all of you. I ask that you begin to pray about potentially giving your support to one of my team members here in Denton! Thank you so much for all you have done for me over the years through prayer and financial support. You all have played a major role in what God is doing on these campuses. 

Easter Weekend

A couple weekends ago I got to visit my in-laws for Easter weekend. I as well got to meet my niece Avery for the first time! We all had so much fun, I have married into one of the funniest and most encouraging families. I'm so grateful for them.

Bubble Soccer

One of the things we've been doing for outreach lately is playing something called "Bubble Soccer". It's a lot of fun to watch and play! It's been such an easy way to engage people on campus and build a connection.

FOCUS Student Leaders

We have some of the most caring, positive and encouraging student leaders within our ministry. I'm so proud of how these students have lead in shaping our ministry in being welcoming, thoughtful and passionate about Jesus. These students didn't just help organize events or show up to things, they studied the bible one on one with people they met in class and they lead a weekly small group all while being in school and working. They deserve some major recognition!

Student Testimony

"I've been involved at FOCUS at NCTC for almost four years, and it's been a great opportunity to make friends, grow in faith and maturity, and confront sin in my life. Guys like Devin, John, Justin, and Micah have all been influential friends, helping me overcome social anxiety and feelings of guilt I've carried with me. I live a more fulfilling life for God because of my community in FOCUS."

- Steven Ross
 Junior, Psychology, NCTC

Prayer Requests

Spring Showcase was at the beginning of this month and it went so well! Thank you to all of you who came, donated artwork or performed. Within the art sale alone we raised $8,000! Praise God for this and the ability to send our students to SICM.

Pray for our staff and students as they leave for a leadership training (SICM) in Washington State next week! Pray that they would be open to what the Lord is saying and doing along with safe travels.


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