Student Institute of Campus Ministry

The summer is here! Some of our staff and about 75 students just returned from Washington State where they attended a leadership conference called, Student Institute of Campus Ministry or SICM for short. Every summer we take a handful of our students who are interested in potentially being student leaders the next year to learn and grow from this week-long leadership conference. Since I'm transitioning off staff at the end of July I didn't attend this year, but after talking with many of our staff and students about the trip I'm not only excited about our potential leaders for this coming year but was overjoyed to hear how meaningful and fruitful the trip was.

Personal Update 

Just a reminder that I'm stepping off staff at the end of July. I'm coming to the end of my three-year commitment with FOCUS. I had the opportunity to either continue for a bit longer or go ahead and make the transition into something else. After lots of prayer and conversation with people I decided to go ahead and transition to something else. Tate just graduated from school and so that now frees us both up to search for new jobs. Be praying for us as we are in search of jobs, many of you know how exciting, but also a little scary job searching can be. Tate is looking for jobs within the interior design area, I'm looking to possibly teach or work in administration at one of the universities. Tate and I also have been doing our own business with interior and event decorating. We plan to keep that business going and put more time and energy into it as maybe it could turn into a larger source of income.

Student Testimony

I moved to Texas back in 2015 with my family after my freshman year of college. I knew that God was calling us to Texas and I was okay with that, but leaving behind my home of 19 years was very difficult. I started at the University of Texas at Arlington in the Fall of 2016. I prayed that God would help me find friends who were believers. Being introduced into a community that welcomes others with such open arms and cares so much about spiritual growth was an answer to prayer. I am continually challenged on strengthening my relationship with God. Through FOCUS, I have been stretched and challenged to learn how to share my faith with others and how to serve not only God, but his people too. This past year I had the honor to not only co-lead a Core and get to know some incredible young women, but I have had the humbling opportunity to serve as one of our worship leaders. Through these leadership roles, God continually shows me his heart for his children, and it has been so awesome to be in a community of people who show me through their actions and words how deeply God moves in my life.

Esther Mugwanya
Social Work
University of Texas at Arlington


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