Last Blog Post :(

If you haven't been keeping up with my posts, this is my last month with FOCUS. I had made a three year commitment and I'm soon approaching the end. I'm excited and so sad. I have loved my time with FOCUS, so very much. My relationship with God, work ethic, friendship support, confidence and much more would have been incredibly different if I hadn't been involved and worked for FOCUS. This community will always have a role in my life in some form or fashion. Tate and I still plan to stay here in Denton and help with FOCUS and our Church however we can. We're looking forward to this change and trusting the Lord to direct and provide for us.

Of course I have to reflect a little, so here are just a few things, of so many, that I have learned over the years with FOCUS.

Consistency - At Collin college in Plano Texas, a FOCUS student, David Wright, met with me every week. We would read scripture and talk about our weeks together. As a freshman, not knowing anyone, his consistent one-on-one time with me was invaluable. By doing so he changed my character to be consistent with people and fight alongside others.
David is on the left. This was my Sophomore your of College in 2011.

Leaders are readers - I heard this saying said  many times through my time as a student and while on staff. Being someone who despised reading, I thought, "there has to be a way around that". I'm still not naturally inclined to want to read, but God has helped me so the value in it and has changed my heart. Isn't it amazing that one of the ways he gave us to commune with him is through a book? The ability to read in it's self is a gift and not to be taken for granted. Reading gives us perspective, knowledge, insight, vison and wisdom. Effective leaders know their insight alone isn't enough and seek knowledge from people before them and beyond their expertise.

Seek first to understand then to be understood - it's easier to short circuit the process of helping someone by just giving them advice or saying... 'here's what you should do'. We skip or quickly move beyond seeking to make sure we fully understand someone's situation in order to make the process faster or bestow our precious wisdom upon them. Often we genuinely want to help, but sometimes the most someone may need is for someone to just listen to what they are going through. In return this may make them more receptive to your insight. In regards to trying to help people this will always be a temptation for me, to just give direction or discipline before I fully understand what happened.
Albert has been a great friend since 2010, he has really tought me to seek being understanding and relational with people. 


"I transferred to Southern Methodist University last fall. At first, I felt troubled because I wasn’t sure if I would be able to adjust to a new environment. However, I knew that I needed a community of believers to allow me to mature in my faith. I was tired of being a Christian who was afraid to let others know about my faith. Thankfully God led me to FOCUS. From the start I felt a sense of community that is there to encourage, strengthen, and to disciple one another. Whether it’s one-on-one bible studies, weekly Core, or Thursday Night Fellowship, I am constantly engaged. These experiences have instilled within my heart the passion to lead, grow, and share with others about the saving name of Christ. As a matter of fact, I took on the courage to go out with other FOCUS members and pray for students around campus. That was the first time I had ever shared my faith publicly and I now look forward to doing it so much more. I truly believe that God has a great plan for this ministry to grow and I can’t wait to see it impact the lives of students like me. I’m blessed to say that FOCUS is my home at Southern Methodist University."
Brandon Serrano
Southern Methodist University

Thank You! 

Because of your prayers and financial support I've been able to be fully committed to campus ministry the last 4 years. You've played a major role in my own growth and maturity as a disciples and many college students as well. I'm incredibly grateful for all of you. 


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